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Anonymous asked: What do u suggest for dinner? Because i heard that having dinner makes u fat because ur body rests and at nights i get really hungry

Eat more lunch and less dinner.
For dinner try to eat light, not too much carbs or fats.
For example chicken or fish + lots of veggies. 
There are many healthy dinner recipes online.
If you need help finding them just message me.
xo  :)

deevaliciouss asked: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! i guess youve noticed that from all the reblogs LOL

Thank you :)
Love yours too I followed.

Anonymous asked: do you think that eating everyday tuna salad is bad?

I never eat tuna salad so I don’t know much about it.
I found the nutrional info here, it is ok but I don’t suggest eating too much.
And also eating the same thing everyday can get boring easily.
Make sure to have some variation in your diet and remember the food pyramid.
Hope that was helpful xo

fit-jar asked: I love your blog <3 so much motivation!

Thank you sweetie :)

Anonymous asked: I am delighted with you! Please tell me what period you lost weight and how many pounds? Do you work out at the gym? Sorry about my bad English.

Hmm, I don’t remember exactly but I went from 64 to 60 in a month.
I had a treadmill back then.
Anyway I gained weight.
And now I’m doing really well, I swim for an hour 2 times a week.
I only do it 2 times because the opening hours don’t fit my schedule very well.
I don’t really like other sports.
I was thinking about joining the gym but chose swimming instead and I’m very very happy I did.
Swimming and roller blading are my faves, I can only roller blade when the weather is good so right now it’s just swimming.
Your english is great :)

Anonymous asked: Do you know who that sports illistrated model is?

Which one?

Anonymous asked: do u think INNA has a great body?

I didn’t know who that was but I googled her and yes.
Her body looks great :) 

Anonymous asked: What do you eat everyday?



After school


Really simple actually.
And I drink 1-3 cups of green tea and 1-4 cups of water.
I should drink more water I know, but it’s hard. 

perfectioninimperfection asked: Hi love ! My names Laura, I read your ABout Me, and I'm in the same boat as you, but I'm taking a different less healthy but i wanted to know how you think mfp is going? I have the app but never really stuck to it, does it work for you? i'm contemplating taking a healthier option but right now i've lost 4 kilos in 1 week, hope to hear back from you, xx

I think mfp is something you should use at least a whole month.
Just to see how much you’re really eating etc.
Once you really get to know what your eating pattern should be like you can stop.
It worked for me, but it’s not really for longterm usage because it gets annoying to put everything you eat in everyday when you already know the calories etc. 
Losing weight the healthy way is the best and only way to me.
It’s all about just doing it, because everyone knows it’s just eating healthy and exercising.
If you lose weight healthily it’s more likely to stay off.

For the person that submitted their progress picture

I can’t reply or see who it’s from because I’m using my phone and get on my laptop atm.
But girl you look great! Your stomach looks flat and you have a beautiful body.
The hard work definitely pays off. xoxo